Month: June 2017

three of my four weird boys

Boys are weird

Have you ever noticed how weird boys are? I mean when you really stop and watch them, they’re WEIRD. My two year old eats his toe nails. He likes to stare out the window and watch nothing. Sometimes he will strip naked and […]

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Cloudy with meatballs?

I love summer rain. Especially on unseasonably cool summer days. There’s something about the cool temperatures and listening to the rain hit the skylight in our family room that is relaxing. Granted, when the rain hits the skylight the volume on the TV […]

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car tire

Just pee on the tire

My second youngest, C, has baseball on Thursday evenings. He’s playing coach-pitch through a program called Jump Start Sports (it’s a great little program for little kids, but I must admit he’s bored half the time he’s there because he really should be […]

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