three of my four weird boys

Boys are weird

Have you ever noticed how weird boys are? I mean when you really stop and watch them, they’re WEIRD.

my weird boy sticking his head under the blinds to look outsideMy two year old eats his toe nails. He likes to stare out the window and watch nothing. Sometimes he will strip naked and stand in front of the window to watch the backyard. Did I mention that our windows go to about 6″ above the floor?

This afternoon one of my boys told another, “I can feel your breath through your ears!” The response? “Yeah, and it comes out my eyes!”

WHAT?! πŸ˜‚

And that’s not the half of it. I mean, who thinks it’s fun to let someone hit you or jump on top of you? Yet they’ll spend hours running after each other just to jump on top of each other and punch one another. And it’s not fighting…they’ll laugh uncontrollably! The more they laugh the more they do it. I’m left watching, trying to get them to stop before someone gets hurt, and then giving up because they’re having fun. I often find myself saying, “Well, if you get hurt it’s your own fault. Have fun!” That just doesn’t seem like an appropriate response from a sane person.

Of course it isn’t…I’m pretty sure I lost my sanity when the youngest turned two. one of my boys playing the tornado

Did I mention the youngest gets right in there with them? This little two year old (who is 2/3 the size of my six year old) will grab my oldest, who is almost twelve, around the ankles and pull him down on top of himself! The first time he did it I about had a heart attack! He of course thinks it’s great fun.

I think having four boys has drastically reduced my lifespan. Granted, my grandma was also a mom to four boys and she lived until she was almost eighty. Maybe there is hope for me after all?

One of the weirdest things my boys have done together was this afternoon.

I got home from work, took care of my things, and started dinner. While it was cooking (thank God for the invention of the InstantPot!!!), I was greeted with hugs and kisses from all four. Then the weirdness started.

Someone said, “Hey! Let’s play house!” to which I heard this reply, “Ok! But how about I’m a tornado and you’re trying not to get killed by it?”

Of course, they all another of my boys playing the tornadoagreed that was a marvelous idea. And so they played house, or try not to get killed by a tornado. πŸ€”

How does one play this game? The ones in the “house” buried themselves in a pile of pillows and blankets while the tornado prepared. Once they said they were ready, the tornado spun in circles until he hit the house and destroyed it (and incidentally my family room). Great laughter followed and then rebuilding to start again.

At one point I heard my oldest exclaim, “You hit me in my area!”one of my tornadoes hitting and destroying the "house"

Your area?

“Yeah! My no-no area!”

Um, ok. They have soΒ  many names for that “area” that I can’t keep track of them. This is yet another weird thing boys do. Make up words and names for anything and everything. Maybe that’s something brothers do? So then mom doesn’t have a clue as to what is being discussed? If that’s the case, I’m doomed! haha!

These weird things are what I treasure about having boys, though. They are intense in everything they do. The way they argue. The way they fight with one another. The way they love me.

I’m a boymom, through and through, and I wouldn’t change it for anything.






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  1. I’ve noticed this with boys ! My boy cousins act weird lol one always tries eating his sisters hands and feet he lll put toys in his mouth that’s been outside on the ground lol . Luckily girls aren’t that bad

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