car tire

Just pee on the tire

My second youngest, C, has baseball on Thursday evenings. He’s playing coach-pitch through a program called Jump Start Sports (it’s a great little program for little kids, but I must admit he’s bored half the time he’s there because he really should be in a more advanced program…but I digress). It has a t-ball level for 3 & 4 year old boys and girls that is finishing when we get there for our turn. Last night as we were getting all of our junk that we haul out to sit and watch him, another mom with her teeny little boy came running to the side of their car. I noticed she was quickly untucking his shirt, and then immediately I knew what she was up to.

He had to pee.

There are port-a-potties at the complex, but they are all the way on the other end from the field where the “games” were. Naturally if you’re a mom to a boy you understand the decision. Try to run with your child in your arms crying because of how badly he needs to relieve himself, or walk quickly to the side of the car and let him pee on the tire. It isn’t that it’s more private, but come on…it’s DEFINITELY cleaner than taking him into a port-a-potty and for comfort and time’s sake it’s a logical choice.

Now if you’re sitting there thinking “I would never!” I’m going to go right ahead and guess that you don’t have boys.

car tire

It used to be a joke in our house that peeing on the tire was a necessity when driving to the Carolina beaches for vacation. Hours spent driving in the mountains with nowhere to stop for them to go, there wasn’t really much thinking needed. And when they were potty training? Definitely a no brainer. In fact, we used to stop on the side of the road so often for the boys to pee on the tire that sometimes they would ask if they could do it in our own driveway! 😂

In fact, boys have a tendency to simply go whenever and wherever they feel the need.

For example, my boys have peed

  • behind the shed
  • in the front yard
  • in the backyard
  • on the side of the road
  • in the shower
  • on my TV stand
  • in the trash can in their bathroom
  • all over their bathroom floor

and probably several other places of which I’m not aware.

The worst part? It’s not just the youngest ones who tend to go wherever. It’s hard work to stop what you’re playing and go in the bathroom to pee! And if you reread the list above, that doesn’t tend to make much difference anyway because there is still no guarantee that it will actually go IN the toilet! Makes letting them pee on the tire seem that much more practical, am I right?